– 7 August, 2016 –

Esta semana el post es en la playa de Campoamor, con un bañador básico negro – adelgaza y estiliza mucho – y un top blanco de Topshop. A cualquier look playero se le pueden añadir unas gafas de sol, unas pulseras en los tobillos, un pantalón sencillo o unas chanclas.

This week the post was at the beach of Campoamor, wearing a basic and black swimsuit – it makes you thinner and more stilized – and a white top from Topshop. You can add some sunglasses, bracelets on the ankles, simple pants or flip flops to any look like this one for the beach.

Sunglasses: Aldo

Top: Topshop

Swimsuit: Calzedonia

Pants: Zara

Flip Flops: Hawaianas

By Irene Belmonte Hurtado


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